09 April 2012

Streetdance 2 3D

Streetdance is the UK's answer to the slick, sexy and damn right decent Step Up films. Filmed entirely in three dimensions, the aim of this film series is to show what the British Isles can show to the rest of the world. Streetdance 3D showed that we can do it - albeit with a dodgy northern accent and terrible story. Streetdance 2 3D is here to just show off.

As with all dance films, the story can be instantly forgotten, so leave your brains at the ticket desk and watch the attractive people dance on stage for 85 minutes. Streetdance 2 proves this as all of the plot, characters, backgrounds and how everyone meets is settled with in the first 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, because everything is in place not a lot really happens. The film is more of the montage of Rocky's training rather than the fight with Apollo Creed. The dancing falls flat for the most part, although there are a few moves that defy all laws of psychics. The movie is predictable in every way, with a charm that makes you want to stay until the end.

Unlike the first film, this won't have you leaving the cinema thinking you should take up street dancing, however for 85 minutes it does fill some time normally reserved for a Sunday afternoon when nothing is on the TV.

As the name suggests, see the film in 3D. It was filmed in the medium and is an engrossing experience. The dancing seems to work better as well.