06 May 2012

Marvel Avengers Assemble

Forgetting the absolutely daft name, the fact of the matter is the Hulk has not been in a good film with the possible exception of I Love You Man, and every Disney Marvel film since Iron Man 2 was a bit average, Marvel Avengers Assemble was either going to be a childhood dream come true or one of the worst films ever created.

Luckily Joss Whedon pulled together all of writers and producers from the stand alone super hero films to craft something that is nothing less than “WOW!” From the get go, we see Loki (Thor’s adopted brother) come to Earth and steal the Tesseract and in the process declaring war on the planet. What follow is a 2 and a half hour romp where Nick Fury and S.H.E.I.L.D assemble “Earth’s greatest heroes.” Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Bruce Banner take turns in the spot light and each holding a delicate balance. Surprisingly, The Hulk and Loki stand out as show stealers - Loki has a calculating and malevolent look at all times like he is watching a game of chess unfold in his favour. The Hulk/Bruce Banner combination is perfect. Mark Ruffalow looks and acts like a man who is in constant turmoil, fighting the other guy at all times. Comedy elements are also thrown in to lighten the mood and distract from the seriousness of the situation and work well with the characters that take part.

There is not one part of this film that felt like it dragged. Yes, the story was mildly predictable, but when all of your childhood heroes from the comic books are smashing seven bells out of the bad guys, who really cares? Especially since each character embodies the comic version. It is a fun, action packed super hero film that sets the bar very, very high for Batman and Spider-Man to beat this year.

As a side note: Get the best experience available, see the film in 3D-IMAX where ever possible. It just blows your mind even more.