16 April 2012

Cabin in the Woods

This film has every hallmark to be a standard horror film: Woods, Check. Cabin, Check. Woods and Cabin mentioned in the title so minimal plot explanation is required, Check. However unlike the face of The Cabin in the Woods, something lies beneath the surface just waiting to come out.

From the outset, the film isn't what it seems. For the first 5 minutes it's even questionable weather or not you are watching the right film. Then it all becomes clear as the title flashes up on screen. It cuts to our typical horror movie teens getting ready for a weekend away. Normal service has resumed.

After realising The Cabin in the Woods doesn't follow the path of a regular horror film, it is very enjoyable. It defuses the tension with humour very well and has a unique take on the killer aspect of the genre. Joss Wheadon - who wrote, produced and presumably used The Avengers directing role to sweet talk Thor into staring in the film has brought a lot to the plate with the film.

It's a fun, interesting and well executed film that aims for a B-movie standard and achieves more. A little far fetched in places but it fits in perfectly with what's on offer.