16 April 2012

Wrath Of The Titans

After the disaster that was Clash of the Titans, little hope and low expectations were the order of the day. Sadly Sam Worthington returns as Perseus, picking up 10 years after he defeated the Kracken. This time, we have found out he has returned to living as a human, looking after his son. Zeus and the other God on the other hand are loosing their powers, it is up to Perseus to rescue the Gods and save humanity.

That's right, the immortal Greek Gods are losing power and they call upon a human to do their work. The story isn't the strongest in the world but it ropes together all of the green screened action that comes with a title like this. Simply put - Wrath is a film that manages to be worse than the first outing.

The look of the film is better, the 3D has vastly improved. But with any film staring Sam Worthington you are guaranteed two things: wooden acting and a bad hair doo. Even Liam Neeson -who does anything for money, and Voldemort himself do not save this film. The only saving graces for this film is Bill Nighy playing a crazy Greek raised in North Yorkshire talking to a mechanical owl and the cinema ticket which states a different kind of film - "Wrath of the Tit".